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With Shaman, anyone can be a Rainmaker.

ShamanHealth is a leading sales content platform for the life science industry. We wanted to build a sales-enablement tool that helps marketing and sales teams to engage HCPs more easily and effectively.
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Time-constrained HCPs

At ShamanHealth, we understand the difficulties that marketers and their sales forces in the life science industries face when it comes to capturing the attention of today’s time-constrained customers and building relationships.

Sales Engagement

That’s why we designed a sales content platform that goes beyond traditional Closed Loop Marketing tools. We focus on helping marketing and sales teams to engage HCPs more effectively, no matter how limited their time.

Say hello to the future of medical communications.

Dutch based Saas company Shaman offers pharma marketers an easy-to-use way to create structured but flexible visual aids. The ShamanHealth content platform offers many different features to improve your HCP engagement. The platform is already enjoyed by sales reps, marketers and medical managers at 15+ life-science companies around the world.