Effortless remote e-detailing,

every time.

Shaman is the simplest way to connect pharma and medical reps with health care professionals online, so they can spend less time dealing with IT issues and more time delving into details.
These great healthcare companies use Shaman to improve call execution

The benefits of remote detailing with Shaman

Secure connection in a single click.

Shaman’s low-bandwidth, cloud-based platform allows HCPs to view approved content in seconds from any hospital network or device. There’s no software to download, no plugin to install.

Design for conversation, not presentation.

With Shaman you can create interactive e-detail aids with multi-path structures, transforming each online meeting from a boring slideshow into an engaging two-way discussion.

Ensure compliance + maintain control.

Because Shaman uses a web-based content management system (CMS), you can feel assured your reps share only the most up-to-date information and approved messaging.

Quality analytics with useful insights.

Unlike standard remote-conferencing software, Shaman collects detailed statistics about every online interaction, so you can identify HCP interests and better meet their needs.

Forward on + Follow up.

Keep engaging your prospects and supporting your sales reps after each online meeting using web-based handouts, personalized web pages, and integrated call reports.

Fully integrated with Salesforce.

Unlike most online-meeting platforms, Shaman is built for the needs of sales managers. We designed it to collect data that is actually useful and uploads automatically to your CRM.

See Shaman in action

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